How the Chandler family made their house a home.

February was tough month for many families. As the coronavirus numbers were climbing, the job market was falling. At this point in time, about 10% of the population of Maine were furloughed from work or simply lost their jobs entirely, and young families were no exception.

And yet, life amid a pandemic does not stop. Children are not in school so they must be taken care of, and parents, while they are out of work are the ones that fill in for teachers… Both are examples of how the coronavirus has affected the Chandler family, from Maine.
Courtnie and her husband had been furloughed from work. Their home situation at the time had left them displaced because of it, and with little credit their options were quite slim.

They needed to reestablish themselves, and they needed to do so quickly, as they have three young children.

A friend of Mrs. Chandler had found a home in the neighborhood that had been on sale for quite some time. You’ll see in photographs below that it was a fixer upper home, but it was nothing that the Chandler family couldn’t handle. In just of two weekends (with her husband back at work) they had made vast improvements to make their house a home and have plans to put the final touches on it in the coming weeks.

Courtnie mentioned that this is the best investment that she has ever made because she can make her home her own, and the after photos are a reflection of that.

This is the Chandler family's living room before renovations.

Scroll down and toggle to see the after renovations photos of the living room and more!

Living room after renovation:


Bedroom before and after:

Before renovations After renovation



Bathroom before and after:

Before renovations

After renovation

This is only one example of the many families that your investment at Equity&Help helps. Even in this scenario: Covid-19, furloughed jobs, market crashes, families perservere through these tribulations and overcome them. They go above and beyond to improve their situation, and a fixer-upper house that you invested in will in turn become a home for a hard working family.