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  • This is the first part of a Philanthroinvestor Account Opening form. We do a lot of preparation, inspection and due diligence to provide the best homes and the best property deals for our Philanthroinvestors. As such we require all of them to put a 100% -refundable for a year- deposit down to show you're a serious investor. By submitting this form you're authorizing a $1000.00 USD deposit to Equity and Help Inc, this deposit will be valid for 1 year for you. This deposit can either be applied to your future property purchase or refunded to you before the year expires. You will be invited into this process also to complete your Philanthroinvestor Qualification Form which allows us to see if our program is a good fit for you. If we find out together in your first interview that this is not a program for you, we will refund your $1,000 immediately. Following this, a Philanthroinvestor Consultant will be in touch with you to fund your Philanthroinvestor escrow account so we can present the best property packages to you.
  • If it is a corporation please enter the date of birth of the principal owner.
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