Our company was founded in 2014 because our CEO and Founder, Ivan Anz, wanted to help investors grow their capital while helping others. Our method of real estate investing is unique when compared to the rest of the market. We specialize in securing vacant homes in bulk, purchased from the banks. We then bundle those homes and sell them to you, saving you a tremendous amount of money on your initial investment. We then give you the ability to be a hands-free investor while our team of real estate professionals handles everything from your home inspection to the sale of your property.  Ivan noticed a trend in the United States following the financial collapse of 2009. Foreclosures in the country were soaring, and the amount of families without homes along with it. Ivan wanted to find a solution to this problem, and with the help of a group of veteran real estate investors, he was able to.

Equity and Help Inc grows your capital while helping others. We are a unique real estate investment organization dedicated to finding and passing on fantastic deals to real estate investors and home buyers alike.

How We Work

"Through hard work we have earned the respect of the real estate community. Our reputation reflects the high standards we demand of ourselves."

Every month we get lists of 1000’s of REO’s and foreclosed properties from private banks and other private vendors.

We do hours of due diligence and inspections to make sure we’re buying only the diamonds in the rough.

We sell these homes to Investors at 40% to 60% of ARV (After Repair Value)

For the included price, we do a small Pre-Hab of the home to get it ready for the market

We find and screen potential buyers and sell the property on owner financing to families.

Our investors make a hands-free 12%-15% cap rate for 20 years while we do all the hard work.

The families live in their own home for less then rent and can increase the standard of living for their families and communities.

Meet Our Team

Our worldwide team of representatives is ready to service you, anywhere, anytime.

Ivan Anz, Founder

Jaime Gomez

SVP International Expansion

Angelica Gomez

SVP Operation

Austin Kerr

SVP Admin

Charlotee Walet

VP EasyHomes

Frank Vedder

VP Finance

Crystal Delaware

Philanthroinvestor Consultant

Wes Crouse

Property Maintenance Manager

AnneMarie Salling

VP of Trust Operations

Henry Reinberg

Easy Homes Sales Representative

Joan Olson

Director of Home Acquisitions

Rony Castillo

Human Resources Coordinator

Micheal Stowell

Marketing Coordinator

Alex Boeving

Inspections Coordinator

Eric Bourne

Information Technologies Manager

Patrick Forney

Family Services Representative

Micheal Stowell

Marketing Coordinator